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From Retirement to Reset: Cultivating a Growth Mindset in your 50s

Last week, we explored the concept of a reset as an alternative to traditional retirement. This week, let's delve deeper into the powerful mindset shift that fuels this approach. Yes, in our 50s we can still cultivate a growth mindset.  We aren’t too old to learn (or try!) new things. 

Shifting Your Perspective:

Retirement often conjures images of rocking chairs and leisure – a passive state. A reset, on the other hand, is active and proactive. It's about taking control and designing the next chapter with intention. Here are 3 steps to cultivate this growth mindset:

1. Reframe Your Narrative:

  • Reflection: Write down the first 3 words that come to mind when you think of "retirement." Now, do the same for "reset." What are the emotional differences you notice between these words? 

  • Action: Rewrite your "retirement story." Instead of an ending, craft a narrative of exciting possibilities in your 50s and beyond. This is the art and beauty or being able to “Reset” at that stage in life. 

2. Identify Your Passions:

  • Reflection: What activities energize you? What skills have you always wanted to develop?

  • Action: Create a list of your top 5 interests. What little things can you do to start digging into these interests? Brainstorm ways to integrate them into your "reset."   For me, I’ve been really interested in developing my skills around watercolor painting.  I looked into Community Ed classes - have taken 2 now and continue to practice with my YouTube tutorials.  This interest has also spawned into taking a drawing class.  After having an awful art experience in middle school I never thought “art” was for me.  In my 50’s I get to say “F that!” and lean into something brand new. 

3. Embrace Continuous Learning:

  • Reflection: What skills or knowledge could enhance your desired future?

  • Action: Research online courses, workshops, or volunteer opportunities that align with your goals.  Did you know hundreds of Ivy League School classes are available for free? This Harvard course from Dr. Brooks on Happiness is one of my faves!

By actively nurturing a reset mindset, you unlock a world of possibilities. Remember, it's a journey, not a destination. Embrace the challenges and celebrate the progress. The future you design awaits!

In my coaching, I work with folks to help refine and define a focus of these Resets.  If I can be a partner with you - let’s connect.  Working with a coach has been that nudge I’ve needed to move out of what seems like a bit of a rut into that smooth, easy-peasyness of a groove! 

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