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Retirement Coaching

Write your next chapter with ease and confidence. 

Retirement is on the horizon, and with it comes a wave of exciting possibilities! But navigating this transition can also feel overwhelming. Here's how our DYL Certified Retirement Coaching Program at Orange Slice Training can empower you to design a fulfilling future you'll truly cherish:

  • Uncover Your Passions: We'll guide you through a self-discovery process to unearth your deepest desires and aspirations. What truly excites you? What skills and talents are begging to be used?

  • Craft a Vision: Together, we'll translate your newfound passions into a tangible vision for your ideal retirement lifestyle. Will it involve travel, volunteering, pursuing hobbies, or a creative encore career?

  • Develop a Roadmap: Our coaching program goes beyond inspiration. We'll help you create a concrete action plan to bridge the gap between your current life and your dream retirement. This might involve financial planning adjustments, exploring new skills or communities, or brainstorming creative income streams.

  • Embrace the Journey: Change can be daunting, but you won't go it alone. We'll provide ongoing support and accountability as you navigate this exciting transition, ensuring you stay motivated and on track.


Our program is designed to be flexible and cater to your individual needs. Whether you're just starting to think about retirement or have a rough vision in mind, we'll help you refine and solidify your plans. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and take the first step towards designing your dream retirement!


Stop simply retiring from work. Start retiring to something extraordinary! 

With our retirement coaching program you'll

  • Identify your strengths and skills to fuel your next endeavor 


  • Develop an action plan to transition into a fulfilling next chapter

  • Explore what lights you up and what brings you joy

  • Craft a vision for your ideal retirement lifestyle

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