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Well-Being is the Foundation to Your Retirement Reset

jeff playing pickleball

In previous posts, I shared the power of shifting from a retirement mindset to one that sees this as a  “Reset.” But a successful reset hinges on a crucial factor: well-being. Prioritizing well-being will fuel your transition.

From Passive to Active:

Traditional retirement often focuses solely on financial security. A Reset, however, takes a holistic approach, viewing well-being as a multi-dimensional foundation. It's the difference between passively hoping we'll "be well" in retirement and actively cultivating the conditions for true flourishing.

Well-being: The Reset Fuel

Think of well-being as the engine of your Reset. Just like a car needs regular maintenance, so do your physical, mental, and social dimensions. Here's how a Reset mindset fuels your well-being journey:

  • Prioritization: I’ve often heard that when you’re in your 50s - you kinda start not giving a sh!t about what others think. This mindset is freeing.  As a result, we can start to prioritize activities that nurture our well-being, not just those dictated by our work schedules.

  • Balance: Focusing on a fulfilling Reset, rather than just financial security, allows for a more balanced life. “Balance” is all relative - and I’ve been a believer that Work-Life Balance is a farce.  There are ebbs and flows to this.  And for me, the idea of balance has conjured up this homeostasis of a teeter-totter that doesn’t move.  My life has never looked like that.  There are times when the work of projects is amped up - and there are also times when I can sit back and rest a bit.  Over time - the long haul - is what’s important when it comes to the balancing act. 

  • Motivation: The excitement of crafting a purposeful future fuels the motivation to maintain healthy habits. Over the last year, I’ve enjoyed some better eating and physical activity habits – mostly influenced by my love of Pickleball - that inspire me to have the motivation to keep moving forward on this journey to refueling my well-being.

Actionable Steps:

Let's translate this mindset shift into practical steps:

  • Reflection: Jot down how your current work schedule and lifestyle impact your physical, mental, and social well-being. What are you doing that brings you joy? What are you doing that sucks the energy out of life (don’t dwell, acknowledge it!)? 

watercolor painting
a Paul Clark YouTube tutorial
  • Reset Planning: In your Reset design, dedicate time and resources to activities that support each aspect of well-being (exercise groups, meditation apps, social events). What do you want to explore? What gets your interest-juices flowing?  For me,

this last year I’ve been taking some art classes which fuel the inner artist and creativity in me.  There’s always been a creative edge to my work with designing workshops and coaching experiences for folks and teams. This different expression of ART has me thinking differently about the kind of other work I might also consider in my Reset.  Moreover, though, it’s unleashed some passions and hobbies I need to make sure are part of my todays and my tomorrows. 

  • Continuous Evaluation: Find ways to regularly check in and assess how your Reset is impacting your well-being, and adjust your plan as needed. I often use 1-10 scales in my coaching work with folks.  Taking stock in “what is.” No judgment. Just notice. Use the check-in as a place to consider the actions you want to take.  Perhaps what you thought was an interest, or worth pursuing might no longer be that interesting now.  Let it go. Don’t get too attached to what you think your plan needs to be.  Adapt. Shift. Keep moving forward as you learn. 

Remember: Well-being isn't a destination; it's a continuous journey. By prioritizing it within your Reset framework, you build a future filled with vitality, resilience, and a renewed zest for life!

It’s in this process we begin to create the memories of our future.  Happy creating! 

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