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Strategic Planning's not a training issue



      Working with Jeff was transformational both professionally and personally. I had engaged him initially to improve my skills and presence as a manager and leader, but everything eventually spilled over to my personal life as well - because everything is connected. His wealth of experience was critical for helping me to ask challenging questions that allowed me to show up more authentically in my work and life. I am so grateful for the ways that he revealed a new way of seeing and being in this world.


The focus is YOU.

You’ve landed on this page because you sense now is time for something to jumpstart your world!  You want to begin that next chapter in life. You want to move out of the rut and into a groove.  I got you.


I love being a coach.  Why? Because I get to connect with people (like you) who see something for themselves but just haven’t figured out how to get it just quite yet.  Being able to partner with you and go for excites you most - a new career, important life goals, or getting unstuck - is not just rewarding for me, but it's my life's calling.


We might be the perfect match for each other if…

  • You're done hiding out and want to shine some light on things that are vitally important to you living a full life

  • You know that creating clarity and determining action is the nudge you're secretly craving

  • You've uttered the phrase, "I'll start tomorrow" and are sick of lying to yourself

  • You'd love to have a passionate and engaged coach in your corner championing you in the race called life

We offer coaching solutions in the areas of:  

Personal, Leadership, Life, Strengths and Career

The benefits of coaching are many; 80% of people who receive coaching report increased self-confidence, and over 70% benefit from improved work performance, relationships, and more effective communication skills. 86% of companies report that they recouped their investment in coaching and more (source: ICF 2009).


The Personal Benefits of Coaching

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved. Numerous clients report that coaching positively impacted their careers as well as their lives by helping them to:

  • Establish and take action towards achieving goals

  • Become more self-reliant

  • Gain more job and life satisfaction

  • Contribute more effectively to the team and the organization

  • Take greater responsibility and accountability for actions and commitments

  • Work more easily and productively with others (boss, direct reports, peers)

  • Communicate more effectively 

Coaching in organization and leadership settings

is also an invaluable tool for developing people

across a wide range of needs.

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      Jeff is a wonderful person to work with because of his interest in learning and applying new ideas. He's always willing to try new things and is fun to partner with on a project. On top of all of that, he's a great facilitator and groups love to work with him.


Business Meeting

Performance Management | Organization Development 

We bring real-world experience working in a variety of Human Resources roles and functions in a couple of the largest employers in Minnesota.  Our reach expands the corporate, non-profit and world of higher education.

We've worked with hundreds of leaders who manage teams, have ownership for employee engagement and perhaps are the subjects of many dinner conversations of their employees. You may or may not this -- your folks go home and talk about you. The good. The bad. And most certainly the ugly.  

We partner with leaders to turn the conversations in -- and out of -- work towards more productive outcomes.

We believe that great leaders and managers aren't born -- they are made. 

Many new leaders struggle with making a transition into their new role of managing performance. While other feel overwhelmed and exhausted by not just doing the work, but also now having to manage the work.

Working one-on-one with Leaders allows us to provide coaching in a way that' relevant, meaningful, and most certainly just-in-time for what you are going through in your organization.  We look to research and best practices to form our coaching and consulting.  

The Corporate Leadership Council's research asserts that managers can see significant changes in performance when there is an emphasis on the following: 


Connect with us to learn more about the type of partnership we can customize for your needs.

  • Employee strengths

  • Attention to providing informal feedback

  • Clarifying employee expectations for HOW and WHAT gets down



      The vision of an organization is held in part by all of its members; it is a shared picture of the future.  The practical vision is the responsive statement of hope within the given environment. It provides a sense of the destination of the effort. It tells us where we are going, what the accomplishments, outcomes, changes and results are that we are seeking by our efforts.

                                          -- Institute of Cultural Affairs

Strategic Plannin

We know participation, buy-in and stakeholder engagement is key to developing a  strategic plan that is more than just a set of words on a wall. We utilize the Technology of Participation (ToP) methods to increase participation, decision making and consensus-building at the core of any practical plan.


The 5 Steps of the strategic planning process include:

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1 -- Preparation + Design

Starting strong and being intentional is at the heart of this initial phase. What makes now a good time to be doing a strategic plan? Who might be involved and part of this process? What decisions or directions are already known? This is our work before the plan starts to take shape.

2 -- Practical Vision

What is the greatest hope for the organization as you look towards the future?  This interactive workshop taps into possibilities and ideas. We get to create excitement and see glimmers in each other's eyes as we get to articulate what the desired future is for us.  

3 -- Underlying Contradictions

Here's where we bring some reality back into the picture and identify the obstacles and tripping points that may await the group to bringing the practical vision alive. We get to put it all on the table and talk --  in constructive ways -- about the gremlin or voice in the head that loves to throw out "what about such and such..."  This phase is all about getting real amidst the dreams and vision for the future.

4 -- Strategic Direction

The group takes the dream for the vision ahead, while holding the obstacles close to identify strategies and maps for what is needed to move forward. The workshop brings clarity and focus to the work that will allow us to accomplish the what was defined by creating the Practical Vision.

5 -- Focused Implementation

All the doers in the room will get excited by this last part of the work - because we get to define realistic accomplishments for each strategy or priority and create a 1-year action plan.  This is calendar building at its core.  And it's where ownership and commitment to the work flourishes.  

Let's discuss how our expertise overlaps with your needs. 

For more information about bringing the Strategic Planning process to your organization or work team -- contact us. We'd enjoy setting up a short 20-minutes phone session. 

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