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Critical Conversations + Feedback Resources

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This is a great book summary.

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This document provides a summary of the techniques outlined in the workshop + book

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Stay connected with updates + resources from Jeff and OrangeSliceTraining -- we are launching some NEW and exciting items in the weeks to come.

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Overview of the Model and Worksheets to help utilize contents from the book in your conversation planning.

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A couple of pages I found helpful include: pg. 11 -- provides you yet another framework that might be helpful in aiding you in conducting these types of conversations with your team members. pg. 14 - how to handle certain responses you might get

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This handout provides you with 6 ways to make feedback constructive.

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This short video (5;16) uses a sports analogy to help managers measure performance more effectively.

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This resource provides checklists and ideas for providing feedback upwards, how to receive feedback and even some "responses" or language to handle difficult situations (pg. 7)

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Article + Exercise from the Harvard Business Review (2012)

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Article on Strengths-based Feedback

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