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Unleash Your Potential:
Jumpstart Your World with Coaching

Feeling stuck in a rut? Longing to start that next exciting chapter? You've landed on this page because now is the time to ignite your potential and transform your life. As a certified coach, I help individuals like you unlock their true selves and go after their dreams, whether it's a fulfilling career change, achieving a personal goal, or finally breaking free from self-doubt.

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Leadership &

Executive Coaching 

Rise to the challenges you and your organization are facing today. Our coaching programs help leaders build the capabilities they need to inspire and enable their teams to thrive in today's world of work. 

Become the leader your team loves to follow. 

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EQ Coaching & Assessment

Understanding and harnessing your emotional intelligence is crucial for personal growth, social interactions, and overall well-being. 

EQ plays a pivotal role in how you perceive yourself and the world around you.

It profoundly impacts your performance

in various aspects of life, including professional success, personal relationshipsand overall well-being.

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Design Your Life
(DYL) Coaching

DYL Coaching helps you design the most important project of all: YOU!

Using proven methodologies developed at Stanford University and made popular by the bestselling books Designing Your Life and Designing Your New Work Life by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans, life design has impacted millions of lives around the world.

We will use time-tested tools to prototype and test out solutions to create the life you want to be living. 

DYL Coaching is ideal for those looking to transition to a new role, re-design your current...or maybe you're looking to the next stage of life for you and wonder how to best take the leap. 

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When I first met Jeff, I was struggling to write my dissertation and could find neither the motivation nor the confidence to get it done.


Jeff put me on the path to completion, and I am getting ready to graduate with my Ph.D. this Spring.


His support, his ability to inspire, and his dedication to those he works with are clearly evident. If you need to make a change or find your way through professional challenges, there's no one better to have in your corner than Jeff.  


- Matt S., Minneapolis, MN

Are you ready for:

  • Clarity: Identify your values, strengths, and what truly matters to live a full and meaningful life.

  • Action: Develop a personalized roadmap to achieve your goals and overcome obstacles.

  • Support: Have a passionate cheerleader in your corner who believes in you every step of the way.


We're a perfect match if you:

  • Crave a life less ordinary and are ready to shine your light on the world.

  • Know you need a nudge to break free from indecision and take bold action.

  • Are tired of saying "tomorrow" and want to start living your dreams today.

  • Seek a supportive and experienced coach who will champion your success.


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