THANKS again for participating in the recent Developing Your Student Employee workshops supported by the Mellon Foundation and hosted by St. Olaf and Carleton Colleges. 

Here are a few of the resources you might helpful in continuing your own development in supervising your Student Employees.

If you'd like more information on how Jeff can help in training your students or staff -- please connect here.  Let's discuss what's possible, as I'd love to partner with you. 

PPT Slide Deck :  Developing Your Student Employee (2017)   

The Iowa GROW Program -- this link provides you access to the program and resources to help you implement this with your student employees.  Incorporating these 4 questions helps shift the mindset from student worker to student employee by making seamless connections to their work experience and classroom experiences.

The CU GROW program provides some more links and resources on how they have adapted the program to their campus.

Providing Feedback + Coaching

Giving Constructive Feedback - this handout provides you with 6 ways to make feedback constructive.  In doing so, you're message has a greater likelihood to be heard by the receiver.

Giving & Receiving Feedback - this workshop handout comes from Penn State. A couple of pages I found helpful include:

  • pg. 11  -- provides you yet another framework that might be helpful in aiding you in conducting these types of conversations with your team members.

  • pg. 14 - how to handle certain responses you might get

The Art of Feedback - this is a really good resource as it provides checklists, ideas for providing feedback upwards, how to receive feedback and even some "responses" or language to handle difficult situations (pg. 7)

Measuring Performance - this short video (5;16) uses a sports analogy to help managers measure performance more effectively.


Increasing Motivation + Engagement 

Motivation 3.0 Video  by Dan Pink -- this video (10:47) is one that outlines 3 new ways to look at employee engagement.  His research and ideas point to identifying 3 elements and connects to pg. 7 of your handout -- Purpose, Mastery, Autonomy

Q12 + First Break All the Rules -- this animate video (9:20) gives you a summary of Marcus Buckingham's book, First Break all the Rules while highlighting the Q12. Watch this video to learn the 4 activities managers must perform really well.

Blessing White is a consulting firm dedicated to engagement and leadership development. I have found their site valuable as they offer up a few videos and articles that have continued to expand my thinking on these 2 topics.  One video you might find interesting is their Engagement Model -- the X Model.

In addition, their Shared Responsibility of Employee Engagement has a few nuggets you might find valuable for yourself and those you lead. One main piece I got was that engagement is a "daily activity rather than a program."

Are you wanting a StrengthsFinder Workshop for you team?  While Strengths is one tool -- if you'd like to explore offering this workshop for your unit or division on campus -- let's connect.

Other Resources you might find helpful:

Project CEO -- this resources explores the impact of co-curricular and other outside-the-classroom experiences on students’ development of employment skills. The research included here is based on a collaboration with Adam Peck, Ph.D., of Stephen F. Austin University, where Project CEO was originally conceived.

Sup-Student-Workers-Part-Guide - this comes from a web resource and provides more on delegation, Situational Leadership and providing positive feedback.

TEDTalk: The Power of Introverts – Susan Cain (19:04) -- often times leadership is defined and defaulted to a very Extroverted world.  Susan Cain's TEDTalk shares a bit more on the power of Introverts.  A key learning for me here is to very my style when I'm leading teams, staff meetings, or asking for input and ideas from others.

Managing Employees:  Managing Personalities - this short article is positioned to answer the question "Now What?"  As you have own results, I can you use them.  Filled with short, practical strategies to try.

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