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The FEELING of a #Goal Achieved

Since last October I've been going to OrangeTheory Fitness. I know it might sound cliché, the guy who owns Orange Slice Training works out at OrangeTheory. Cliché or not, the work outs work for me. As an Extrovert I've always enjoyed a group fitness class (remember Step Aerobics at the Y? Yup I was in the back row doing my thing before I went to the Chinese restaurant for dinner during my grad school days).

OrangeTheory Richfield MN

Like many, I've been "checking in" @OrangeTheory on Facebook and capturing my workouts. Yesterday I joined the 100th Workout Club and it felt GREAT. Before starting at OTF I didn't really find myself getting to the gym on a regular basis - yet, I kept my LA Fitness membership as it seemed way easier than the cancellation process.

As I've been working out and meeting some of my weight loss and fitness goals - I've been getting a few "you look great" comments - and while those are awesome to hear -- it's not the full story.

I feel great.

And I think the feeling is something so important to vision and goals.

When designing goals -- personal or professional -- I always encourage people to design the #Feeling or #Emotion that they will experience as a result of the success you want to accomplish. Why?

Because sometimes taking on the pursuit of goals is daunting. When the work to accomplishing your goals starts to get "hard" -- we start to entertain the idea of quitting. I'm the same way. I want to be reminded of the EMOTIONAL STATE that I'm also creating in the pursuit of my goals.

Are you like me -- I'm sabotaged by my success.

I have a few weeks of great workouts, healthy eating -- and then BOOM...treat yourself! I hate saying (and writing!) this - as it feels like an excuse or lack of will power. And it might be. I don't know. Truth be told. I don't care. I just know it occurs for me.

One way I come back to so that I can keep moving forward it to recall the feeling or emotion that's embedded into my goal. It's when I start to stray or fall prey to my own sabotaging efforts I can be reminded WHY I'm in this for the long-haul. The emotional experience.

So, if I want to feel strong, be happy -- what are the things I can do today that allow me to experience that specific felling? I don't have to wait for the scale to have some number or me to reach another 100 workouts - I can take simple, small and achievable steps that keep me going.

I'm better when I'm in motion, than feeling stuck or restrained. Simple. Small steps. Get me going. In pursuit of the next 100 workouts -- it's about feeling "EVEN STRONGER".

What feeling will keep you going?

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