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Values -- the anchors that keep us moving forward

Your behavior is anchored in your values. Your values dictate how you spend your time. Your values are those milestones and guide posts that allow you to get back to center when life seems to be throwing you a curve ball.

Values are like anchors. They ground us to what’s truly important. Whether it’s personal values or organizational values. You need to know what anchors you. Unlike anchors in the sea, values are the reminders for engaging in important action that keep you going towards your goals. Me. Mine. It’s health and wellness. I’ve lost my way when it comes to anchoring my choices in activity that nurtures my body and my soul. I’ve lost sight of what gives me energy and joy.

Balance has always been one of those Values I hold to be true for me. However, life has been un-anchored to this by the choices I’ve made and the un-balanced world I’ve created by these choices. I’m taking 100% of the accountability for this mess here.

Why write this? It’s a kinda kick-in-the-ass moment that’s needed to anchor me to the choices that are important in tying into my core values. Balance. Humor. Fun. Learning.


Bottom line learning: (1) Know what anchors you. If you have not recently done a values clarification, consider working with Molly and doing this kind of workshop. Can’t get to the workshop – here’s an online tool that will help you prioritize the anchors in your life. (2) Align your actions to anchors that are important for you and your success.

What anchors you? What are you Core Values that align your action?

I’d love to hear what keeps you centered.

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