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Employee Trainings

Staff Development   |  Team Building   |  Supervisory Skills

We know learning is a process.

Imagine giving your team of employees and leaders the development and skills to do their very best.  

We partner with organizations who are looking to add “something more” to their next retreat, off-site or on-going training needs.

We help groups engage others and focus on the process of getting things done while building strong relationships and connections that support the mission and vision of the organization.  And yes – we also team up with groups that need to focus their energy on building the foundations for a strong organization moving ahead.

Your work is our work.

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Effective Team Building + Engagement

Our Workshops 

Employee Development 
  • Emotional Intelligence:  The 6 Second Rule
  • Communicating for Results
  • Conflict Fluency - Engaging the energy of conflicts
  • What's My Type (MBTI)
  • Cubicle Nation: Dealing with Difficult People
  • Creating Impact + Influence
Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 9.41.26 AM.png
  • Developing Cultural Competency
Supervisor + Manager Development 
  • Fundamentals of Performance Management
  • The Engagements Factor - moving beyond the carrot + stick approach
  • Communicating + Setting Expectations
  • Crucial Conversations
  • Leading Through Changing Times
  • Leader as Coach - An approach to employee development
Team Development 
  • Using Your Strengths Everday
  • Team Type + Work Style Preference (MBTI)
MMCGE Conference Participant Testimonial
  • Building + Sustaining Team Performance
  • Making Change Stick
Professional Development Workshop for Staff

We specialize in customizing our programs to meet the goals and outcomes you have in mind. 

We are ideal partners in retreat planning + facilitation.

Partner with us and build the connections that foster increased

engagement, retention and overall performance. 

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