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You’ve landed on this page because you sense now is time for something to jumpstart your world!  You want to begin that next chapter in life. You want to move out of the rut and into a groove.  I gothcha ya.

I love being a coach.  Why? Because I get to connect with people (like you) who see something for themselves but just haven’t figured out how to get it just quite yet.  Being able to partner with you and go for what excites you most – a new career, achieving an important life goal, or getting unstuck – is not just rewarding for me, but it’s my life’s calling.

We might be the perfect match for each other if…

  • You’re done hiding out and want to shed some light on things that are vitally important to you living a full (and juicy!) life

  • You know that creating clarity and determining action is the nudge you’re secretly craving

  • You’ve uttered the phrase, “I’ll start tomorrow” and are sick of lying to yourself

  • You’d love to have a passionate and engaged coach in your corner championing you in the race called your life

When I first met Jeff, I was struggling to write my dissertation and could find neither the motivation nor the confidence to get it done. Jeff put me on the path to completion, and I am getting ready to graduate with my Ph.D. this Spring. His support, his ability to inspire, and his dedication to those he works with are clearly evident. If you need to make a change, or find your way through professional challenges, there's no one better to have in your corner than Jeff.  - Matt S., Minneapolis, MN

I’m Jeff Stafford, a Certified Life Coach and a guy with a passion in my belly to live a totally juicy life. I first came into coaching back in 2009 when I worked with my first coach. I got so excited by the possibilities (and accountabilities) that I wanted to learn more.  I also LOVED the results I was achieving by working with a coach!  In 2010 I became a certified coach through the Adler Graduate School and have been working with clients ever since.

I’ve had the same fears and anxieties as you – whether it’s around weight loss & fitness, building a business, or simply starting over – I’ve walked that road. You don’t have to go it alone.  I value coaching myself. So much so that in 2012 I invested close to $10,000 in a coaching program to help grow and launch my business.  It was scary. I’ve never invested that much in me before. The investment more than paid off!  In 2012 I gave notice and began to pack up my cube so that I could speak and coach on a full time basis.  I’ve not only made my investment back, but built up enough confidence and courage to take the BIG leap to go out on my own.  The flexibility. The freedom. The joy. It’s something I only dreamed about.  I bet you’re dreaming about it too.

Let’s work together!

I love to work with people who:

  • know deep in their soul there’s something more in store for their lives

  • believe in themselves enough that they are worth the investment

  • feel called to contribute and connect with the world at large

  • love to laugh and don’t take themselves so f-in serious

Jeff was my first contact with a life coach and he provided me with a positive and inspiring experience. Jeff takes his role seriously but knows how to keep the interaction light. He used careful exercises and pointed, clarifying questions to help me identify areas for growth. I looked forward to our calls because Jeff made it fun, even when my work was hard. I'd use Jeff again in a heart beat and recommend him highly! - Gail Q., Sydney, Australia

Let's  get started. Here’s how we can make your life big, bold and JUICY!

Discover YOU Starter Session ($197)

This 90-minute coaching session is packed with power. We’ll use some tools to align your heart and soul with what’s most important to your life right NOW.  Making some simple shifts and adjustments can be all that’s needed for you to get in your groove.  Yes, coaching can be this quick.

As a result of this session, you will:

  • identify the foundations for purposeful decision making

  • develop a bold, juicy vision statement

  • create 3 – 5 bold steps that move you closer to life you want

I’m with you for at least 30-days after our initial session.  I want you to get what you want.  You’re entitled to some virtual coaching and accountability, as needed during the month. Fun?  Yeah, I love this part of the work – it’s where you get to experience being championed like an Olympic medalist.  I got your back!

JUICY! Life Series

This series of 5 sessions provides you with a unique process to leading a bold, juicy and joy-filled life.  This is for the person who wants to really dig into creating some sustainable changes for themselves.  As a result of this personalized series you will:

  • Determine what makes you tick and stay in balance

  • Create clarity around a totally attractive vision for you and your life

  • Identify actions that inspire you to move towards your desires

I partner with you through this journey of 10-weeks not just as coach, but confidant. You’ll receive a daily nudge in your inbox during our work together. These are meant to keep you motivated between our sessions together.  You also are entitled to my special “Coach on Call” times when you can reach out and connect as needed.  We’ll design this program together so that it’s tailored to meet your needs and expectations.  Want to give it a try?

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