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Student programs and leadership development are more than just FREE PIZZA! It's about creating memorable experiences in which students get more than just a shot of motivation. When students get to create heartfelt and compassionate conversations in which they truly get to shine, they will be inspired to take action! As a former Students Affairs professional, I understand the importance of meeting students where they are as well as providing challenges and support to all them to grow their skills. When I partner with colleges and universities my #1 Goal is to encourage a change in behaviors so that growth and development can occur.  Do we get to laugh? Yes.  Do we get to reflect? Yes.  Do we get to understand that leadership education doesn't have to be so stuffy?  Oh, YES! And in the end we still learn that we can be absolutely professional and successful along the way. Together we can create a professional, carefree event that knocks the socks off participants and leaves your colleagues asking, how did you pull this event off so easily?

As a former Students Affairs professional, I understand the importance of…

  • Meeting students where they are

  • Providing challenge and support to allow students to grow their skills

  • Having to be really efficient because you’re always putting out the next fire on campus

Being able to rely on a trusted colleague is important when choosing to bring someone to campus to wok with your students. I want to be that colleague for you.


My passion for the last 15 years has been working with students and staff to create environments where…

  • Learning can occur through creative dialogues and conversation

  • Participants get totally engaged in making meaning of important leadership lessons

  • Everyone leaves knowing they can make a difference by taking inspired action to change the campus culture one person at a time.

I’d love to be the resource for you for your next…

  • Leadership Conference

  • RA Training

  • Orientation Leader Training

  • Student Convocation

But, you need to know I’m not just a Speaker.

I’m a guy who:

  • Wears my heart on my sleeve

  • Allows my desires and passion to shine through in even the most every day conversations, and

  • I’m someone who wants to make you look good by providing such a super opportunity for your students

  • Wants to partner with you – not just for the event – but doing all the right things before and after so that the learning that will occur has the best opportunity to be sustained

If you are up for that – then YES, please call me….I can’t wait to be part of the next dynamite leadership experience you have in mind for your students!


When we work together you get:

  • The  confidence to share theory-based leadership programs with your students.

  • The support to impact the 85% of learning that occurs outside the classroom.

  • The ability to look great in front of your colleagues because you chose a great program.

I take an inside out approach to leadership development that transforms your students at the core. This is the true essence of what leadership is really about, isn’t it?  Let's get started today! I'd love to be the choice for your next:

  • Leadership Conference

  • RA Training

  • Orientation Leader Training

  • Student Convocation

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