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About Orange Slice Training

established 2006

Our Vision

Creating leaders that come from a place of genuine care, concern and connection.

Meet Our Team

Jeff Stafford
    Rebecca Bergner

    Our Philosophy + Approach

    Orange Slice Training is a Minneapolis-based small business that has been serving the needs of our clients for the last 13+ years.  We’ve built our business on creating connections and long-lasting relationships with our partners.  We want to do that with you as well.  Over 85% of our business is repeat clients and referral based work. 


    We don’t take the traditional training-style approach to the workshops and consulting services we deliver.  We design workshop experiences so that participants cannot only find their voice and ideas in this setting, but are allowed to think (and act!) differently as a result.  This is not a “tell them what you are going to tell them” type of experience.  It’s a roll your sleeves up, hands-on approach to learning.  Our design methods use a whole-brain approach and experiential based learning models to create behavior change in the workplace.  Why is this important? Just like at work, we want people to be engaged with what they do – this doesn’t stop when they come to an Orange Slice Training experience.  We take a juicy approach to leadership and learning!


    We believe learning happens when there is laughter, engagement and the occasional “a-ha” moments. We value results, outcomes and the action plans – as much as we value the engagement of your staff. As a result, we craft the experiences to reflect your values, visions and outcomes for the important work you do. It’s a partnership – one where you are involved and your voice is heard.  We’ll plan the journey AND we want your input.

    Our work can be a place where we get to do our best, thrive + bring a little light to those we serve, or those we work with. Sometimes folks are looking for tools, strategies and tips to help them "enjoy their day" a bit more -- and while that might sound all "fluffy" it shows up in the work we do around Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Communication, Self-Awareness as Leader or Team Development w/ groups -- we share all this because our purpose is clear and the WHY behind it is too.

    At the end of the day -- no one really wants to white knuckle the drive home and complain about their co-workers, team, boss, or customers.

    Our role is to help alleviate this angst + pain others feel because it gets in the way of workplace productivity, retention and overall LIFE SATISFACTION. 

    Bottom Line

    Ready to work together

    Contact us to schedule your next training or event

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